Two earthquakes strike near Iran nuclear plant Bushehr

The first quake, measuring 4.9 magnitude, struck just before 9.00 a.m. local time in Bushehr province, according to the United States Geological Survey

Around 30 minutes later a second quake, this time measuring 4.5 magnitude, struck the same province which runs along the Iranian coastline.

In a dramatic day for Iran, the two quakes happened just hours after the country fired a number of missiles at two Iraqi bases housing US troops, in retaliation for the US’ killing of a top Iranian general last week.

Nuclear Iran and the prophecy against Elam



Elam Rising

Movement at the Bushehr power plant in Iran draws this prophecy closer to fulfillment.

Ali Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, announced on Monday that construction of the two new nuclear plants have begun in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr.

“Everything is moving ahead in an excellent manner,” Salehi was quoted as saying in the country’s state-controlled press. “I was in Bushehr two or three days ago and the Bushehr 2 and Bushehr 3 power plants are being constructed.”

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Elam (Bushehr Nuclear Plant Iran)

Time seems to be fleeting these days; literally. The world and the physical makeup of the earth are changing at breakneck speeds. We are living in perilous times, and the confusion and deception grows almost exponentially by the day.

The Apostle Paul said we would be able to “see the day approaching”, and certainly in the general sense we can, as the world descends into uncertainty. But perhaps there is also a more direct meaning to his prophetic utterance. Perhaps a certain biblical prophetical event will take place, a warning if you will, and without exception the believers on the earth will “see the day approaching”. That is to say, the day of the Rapture.

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:23-25

In Jeremiah there is the Prophecy against Elam. The Lord is angered by what is taking place in Iran/Persia and says he will break Elam, the chief of their might. Elam is home of the Bushehr Nuclear plant and there have been unconfirmed rumors of hidden nuclear weapons beneath the facility. Certainly that would be “the chief of their might” if the rumors are true.

The word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah the prophet against Elam in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, saying,

35 Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the chief of their might.

36 And upon Elam will I bring the four winds from the four quarters of heaven, and will scatter them toward all those winds; and there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam shall not come.

37 For I will cause Elam to be dismayed before their enemies, and before them that seek their life: and I will bring evil upon them, even my fierce anger, saith the Lord; and I will send the sword after them, till I have consumed them: Jeremiah 49:34-37

The ongoing nuclear talks have stalled and resumed, but all to the dissatisfaction and fear of Israel and very lax oversight from the U.S. administration. Now Russia has supplied Iran with the S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile System, and once operable will provide Iran with an impenetrable shield against an Israeli military air strike.

If anything, Russia’s move has clarified the situation. Israel’s duty to defend itself has never been more urgent and an attack scaled to wipe out Iran’s nuclear emplacements would likewise be a favor to any number of Sunni states that tremble from Iran’s Shiite encroachments throughout the Arab world.

Attack Now – Russian Interference Leaves Israel No Choice

Russian S-300 Missile system
Russian S-300 Missile system

The U.S. administration has now stated publicly that Iran only needs 2-3 months to produce a bomb.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Monday acknowledged that the US has known for years that Iran is just two to three months form having enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb.

When asked how long the Obama administration has known this, he responded, “Oh, quite some time. They are now, they are right now spinning, I mean enriching with 9,400 centrifuges out of their roughly 19,000. Plus all the…R&D work. If you put that together it’s very, very little time to go forward. That’s the 2-3 months.”

Report: Obama ‘Obscured’ Iran Nuclear Breakout Time for Years

Two days ago Iran’s seismological centre says a magnitude-4.1 earthquake has jolted a sparsely populated district some 200 km southeast of Bushehr, a Persian Gulf town that is home to Iran’s nuclear power plant.

The nuclear accord talks and the Bushehr Nuclear plant located in ancient Elam complement the Prophecy against Elam. Whether by Israeli airstrike or massive earthquake, the Prophecy against Elam will be fulfilled, and soon.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

That name is Jesus





Iran and the Bomb – The Final Act.

This Tuesday March 3rd, the Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress and the ending result of that speech will be the most important in Israel’s history and arguably the world. His speech before Congress will be directed against an unfavorable nuclear deal between the White House Administration and Iran. Why is this important?

Because the US Congress is the last line of defense against an unfavorable deal with Iran on the Nuclear accord. If Congress gets enough votes, they can override whatever may be put in place at the time by the White House Administration.

The threat against the continued existence of Israel is the greatest in their history. Israel is completely surrounded by Muslim nations that are slowly but steadily moving closer to their borders.  Iran has on multiple occasions threatened to eliminate Israel from the map and if given the chance with a nuclear bomb, make no mistake, they will do so….

The threat of Iran against Israel and the rest of the region is so bad that The Saudis have declared their readiness for the Israeli Air Force to overfly Saudi air space en route to attack Iran if an attack is necessary.

The source added that Saudi Arabia is “completely coordinated with Israel on all matters related to Iran.”


It has also been revealed that Iran Has a Secret Underground Nuke Site

A group of Iranian dissidents said on Tuesday that Iran has an “underground top-secret site” that is enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons and which has been hidden from the West for years

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Psa. 2:4

Fortunately, the bible tells us Israel will not be eliminated, and Iran/Persia will be defeated on two accounts. But, will this speech lead to the ancient, obscure Prophecy against Elam triggering one event after another leading up to the Gog and Magog war and then the Tribulation? Read about Prophecy against Elam below:

In a news article released just today, there is the claim that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Following Obama’s threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reportedly forced to abort the planned Iran attack.

According to Al-Jarida, the Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back.

The report claimed that an unnamed Israeli minister who has good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to Secretary of State John Kerry, and that Obama then threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday was astonished that even as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) once again acknowledges in its latest report that Iran is likely building a nuclear bomb, the West, led by the Obama Administration, remains mired in fruitless diplomatic talks with Tehran.

The US has been a friend to the nation of Israel since its’ creation in 1948. Will Congress intervene if an unfavorable deal is reached between Iran and the White House? What will the future of the US hold?

“It is my duty as Israeli prime minister, and as one who looks out for the future of the Jewish people, to do everything possible to convince the sole body [Congress] capable of perhaps preventing such a deal,” Netanyahu said.


And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3







Ancient Prophecy of Elam unveiled??

Major movement in Iran’s nuclear program. Is this the unveiling of the Prophecy against Elam? Will it bring an Israeli airstrike against the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant or some other natural disaster in the near future?

Iran has begun construction on two new nuclear plants as negotiations with America over its contested program continue in Geneva, according to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Construction of the nuclear plants, which Iran claims are for peaceful energy purposes, was revealed on Tuesday, the day before Secretary of State John Kerry was to meet with his Iranian counterpart for talks in Geneva.

News of the two new nuclear plants come on the heels of reports that Iran has been operating advanced missile sites in Syria and also building a secret nuclear plant there.

Rouhani touted the new nuclear construction following a meeting with investors in Iran’s southern Bushehr province, where the nuclear facilities are being built.

The new nuclear plants are being constructed with help from Russia, which signed an agreement in March with Iran to aid in the endeavor.

German reports also have claimed that Iran is building a clandestine nuclear site in Syria.

Iran Announces Construction of Two New Nuclear Plants

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Prophecy against Elam











Bushehr Plant