Operation Defensive Edge – now a War?

There are now 75,000 IDF soldiers in Gaze with the goal of demolishing the numerous tunnels Hamas worked to create during the last 5 years.

“We know that Hamas terrorists are operating underground, and that’s where we will meet them,” the IDF said in a statement, as Israel’s ground operation to find and destroy the tunnels got underway.  The IDF said it has already found 13 tunnels across Gaza, with 34 access points.


Hamas commanders believe they can fight on for several weeks at least to defend their tunnels, the civilian population be damned. Khaled Mashaal has reportedly continued to spurn calls for a ceasefire coming not only from Egypt but also from the Arab League.

Due to the size of the military operation, Israeli commanders are now calling it a war.

…..each task force, the size of half a division, is an integrated amalgam of air, armored, artillery and engineering forces, capable of operating almost autonomously in field combat. The buildup of the last 24 hours has expanded Israel’s fighting strength in the Gaza Strip to a total of 75,000 men, the largest ever fielded in this territory. Because of its scale, Israeli leaders are referring to Defensive Edge as a war rather than an operation.

Hamas has close to 100,000 fighting men, but they are clearly no match for the modern, advanced IDF. Why does Hamas continue to reject ceasefire proposals and draw Israel deeper into the Gaza territory? Do they have an ulterior motive? Is Hamas devising a plan that will involve its neighboring Arab factions and countries for an all out assault on Israel??

As the fighting continues, the world expands its show of hatred for Israel.

Jewish community braces itself ahead of Friday’s Al Quds Day March, which will be ‘so extreme’ even some far leftists are boycotting

Israel-Gaza conflict: Fears that violence could transfer to French streets after night of protests


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