Syrian Al-Qaeda fighters

The ever changing landscape of the Syrian Civil War continues as it has since March 2011. Now Syrian AL-Qaeda militants have moved next to the Israeli/Jordanian border after fleeing from IS (Islamic State or ISIL).

  Thousands of Syrian jihadists affiliated with al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front have recently taken refuge near the Israeli and Jordanian borders fleeing northern Syria, which has fallen into the hands of the more extreme Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Created in January 2012 and led by Mohammed al-Jawlani, the Al-Nusra Front is classified as a terror organization by the United Nations, the United States, and other Western countries. Al-Qaeda, represented in Syria by Al-Nusra, has dissociated itself from the Islamic State, which has occupied vast territories in northern and western Iraq, as well as northern Syria.

IS continues its rampage to destroy.

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