Egypt’s Betrayal

There is much prophecy yet to be fulfilled concerning Egypt in the last days. The titles of two recent news articles eerily appertain to one of the prophecy’s in Ezekiel 29. You can get a refresh on that prophecy here

At the time of the post above a news article dated April of 2015 stated Egypt was preparing for war with Israel. It has now been almost a year. Here are the more recent news articles related to the prophecy.

Dated 2/29/2016

The Israeli-Egyptian love affair

  • Egypt’s higher stratums view Israel as an important, powerful ally in regional struggles. Egyptian President Sisi, in an interview with the Washington Post in March 2015, said he speaks to Prime Minister Netanyahu frequently, sometimes several times a month. In reality, Sisi talks to Netanyahu even more than that, and not only to Netanyahu.
  • On the list of Egypt’s close allies, Israel is a front-runner. Many of the interests of the two countries have converged and complement one another. Even the list of enemies held by Israel and Egypt includes the same names, more or less.
  • “Sisi understands the situation,” said a high-ranking Israeli security source. “He knows exactly whom he can trust in the region and whom he can’t. He knows what’s good for Egypt and, under the correct circumstances, what’s good for Egypt is also good for Israel.”
  • Sisi is also well-acquainted with Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot. They once served in parallel positions in the Israel Defense Forces and the Egyptian army and their cooperation extends over many years.
  • Intelligence information is almost totally shared between the sides with regard to the struggle against the Islamic State (IS) branch in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel and Egypt also rely on one another in their joint struggle against Hamas.
  • According to a high-placed Israeli military source, “The efficacy of the Egyptian army in its war against IS is gradually improving. This is true for intelligence, for preciseness and for rapid response. The Egyptians know that Gaza’s Hamas provides IS with military experts, they know that wounded Sinai IS operatives are treated in Gaza, they know that there is a direct, close connection between the sides. Thus, they try to block all passageways between the Gaza Strip and Sinai.”

This one is dated 8/14/2015

Egypt and Israel: A lover and his mistress

  • Israel is actually a close friend, maintaining an intimate, and sometimes very intimate, relationship with Egypt. At least that’s how Jerusalem sees it.
  • As far as the Egyptians are concerned, Israel has the same status as a mistress. It is only behind closed doors, in the innermost sanctum of the bedroom, that the lover opens up to her, pours out his heart and sometimes even puts his life in her hands. There is nothing to prevent Egypt from exchanging intelligence with Israel or cooperating with it in the fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Iran’s influence in the region or Sunni radicals in the Sinai Peninsula. The two countries might even work together to steal a horse or two from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But all that happens under the cover of night. God forbid that news of it gets out, because if it did, the man would be branded with an indelible mark of shame.

March of 2019 will mark the 40th year anniversary of the historic US-sponsored peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.


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