Iran and the Bomb

If you haven’t heard of the Prophecy against Elam, you can read about it here:

Will the US cave on its demands and give Iran the green light to build? The fast approaching deadline to reach a nuclear agreement is November 2014.

The US, which fears Tehran may enrich to weapons-grade level used to arm nuclear warheads, ideally wants no more than 1,500 centrifuges left operating. Iran insists it wants to use the technology only to make reactor fuel and for other peaceful purposes and insists it be allowed to run at least the present 9,400 machines.

The tentative new US offer attempts to meet the Iranians close to half way on numbers, said two diplomats who demanded anonymity because their information is confidential. They said it envisages letting Iran keep up to 4,500 centrifuges but would reduce the stock of uranium gas fed into the machines to the point where it would take more than a year of enriching to create enough material for a nuclear warhead………

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said that Israel “strongly opposes leaving thousands of [uranium] centrifuges active in Iran,” adding that “this deal is reminiscent of the failed deal reached in 2007 with North Korea, which now possesses 10 nuclear warheads.”

Read more: US considers new, softened nuclear offer to Iran | The Times of Israel

Regardless of the outcome, Israel will not stand for Iran to build a bomb. Iran has repeatedly made the statement of “removing Israel” from the map.

In battling the political echelon for defense budget increases on Sunday, the commander of the Israel Air Force, Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel, reminded everyone that the same planes used to attack Gaza over the summer could be called upon at any moment to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

‘Israel Might Have to Strike Iran at Any Moment’

Israeli Prime Minster said Sunday night that Iran’s capacity to reach a nuclear weapon capacity in a short time is one of the top threats facing Israel today.

Netanyahu: Israel threatened by Iran’s ability to jump quickly to nuke

Netanyahu welcomes new submarine: This sends a clear message to our enemies

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