Israel Political Unrest

As if the world hatred for Israel is not enough, their government is now in a political firestorm. PM Netanyahu fired two of his coalition ministers accusing them of an attempt to push him out of office. Now the Likud, Israel’s right wing party, has agreed to vote in favor of the opposition-proposed bills to dissolve the Knesset and go to elections.

The Knesset is the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister (although the latter is ceremonially appointed by the President), approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government. This will be the second time in two years the people of Israel will vote.

Elections, which would presumably be held by mid-March of next year. Current polls suggest that Netanyahu and his Likud will handily win the election, and that the right-wing overall will benefit, while leading centrist and left-wing parties will almost all lose mandates.

If this election results in high favor for the Likud, will it be the last Israeli government before the Tribulation and will it be the government to bring in the multiple prophecies currently held in place by a thread?


Meanwhile, among other discord, Hamas has stated the unity government established with Fatah over the summer has ended lasting only six months. Fatah is the Palestinian Authority with President Mahmoud Abbas.

The relationship between Jordan and Israel continues to erode. Jordan took the extraordinary step this month of recalling its ambassador to Israel to protest police incursions, provocative visits by Israeli politicians and the treatment of Muslim worshipers at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. The ambassador has not returned.

And perhaps the most important threat to watch is Iran. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday the armed forces should increase their combat capability regardless of political considerations, in an apparent allusion to continuing nuclear talks with the West aimed at easing tension in the Middle East.

There is a prophetic clock that has been counting down now for centuries. When the clock reaches a certain point, the prophecies will start coming in rapid fire. Time on the clock is running out……tick tock……..






Middle East in the midst of the Storm

With so many distractions in the media today, it is hard to keep up with the real action in the Middle East. As Israel and the Middle East are at the center of prophecy, it is important to keep up with the increasing complexity of developments. Avi Lipkin is an expert in the world of Islam and their 1400 year long battle to control their most holy land of Mecca. Avi outlines a possible plan for the Shiites to invade the Sunni country of Saudi Arabia to take the city of Mecca.

Watch the two short videos below for an outline of what may be soon to come. The link is a previous post concerning Mecca and ISIS and is still relevant today.

The Yemen card is a strategic bargaining chip that Iran may now be holding vis-a-vis the sudden rise of the Houthis.

Iran-Backed Shiite Rebels Are Yemen’s New Masters